Traditional Mediterranean Architecture

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Langue : Anglais

Format : Edition brochée 30 x 30 cm, 144 pages, plus de 400 illustrations en couleur, livré avec un Poster de 60 x 60 cm et un CD-rom contenant plus de 450 fiches techniques illustrées (soit 3000 pages environ). fr

Descriptif :

This book tell the story of current traditional architecture -local, preindustrial, non-monumental, often neglected- which punctuate oyr mediterraneans regions. In a common space, true incarnation of a complex identity, existe a whole variety of architecturals forms and construction techniques, born in this mediterranean birthplace. These techniques then developed through geological, topoligical, climatical, economical and social conditions. The richness of the society's history, their circulation in the Mediterranean region, products a wide range of towns, village and house wich are continually renewd.

The transformation process -once slow and limited, then speeded-up with the industrialisation and its moderns materials and techniques- knows these past few yers a massive development phase ; joined with the explosion of tourism, they raise many urgents interrogations. The traditional architecture is here considered as a transmissible heritage and housing stock. Value and usage.

Its a place of work, peace and meeting : an organic space that always welcome the activity and daily life of the mediterranean people. It is an important factor of social and economical development, it feeds from the identity of population. Its rehabilitation, sometimes its protection are essential to maintain alive richess and diversity of our landscape, our way to live in the continuity of space and time.     

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