Restoration Manual for Heritage Buildings in Historical Jeddah (english version)

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Langue : Anglais
Format : A4 104 pages
Descriptif :
Produced as part of an assistance mission to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, this manual presents the main diseases affecting the built heritage in the historic centre.
After presenting the method and characteristics of the buildings concerned, architectural and technical features, the book presents 23 technical sheets describing each disorder and providing a method of intervention. The proposed methods take into account local characteristics, know-how and available materials.
This manual is of course not a "cookbook" directly applicable but a methodological guide to the intervention on the built heritage of Jeddah.
If the solutions are specific to the type of construction of Jeddah, the methodology of analysis is transposable.
Sommaire général :
-Methodology for the rehabilitation of the historic centre of Jeddah
-The Manual: methodology, uses and limitations
-The characteristic elements of the old buildings in Al Balad
-Forewarning: the choices
A. Structures
B. Surfacing
C. Joinery and woodwork
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